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LINCS School Garden Update

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LINCS School Garden Project – June 2, 2015

“Tuesday Tasting” with Liesl Schultz-Hying from Eat Here Eat Well

On Tuesday, June 2, 2015 LINCS elementary school held a “Tuesday Tasting” with fresh produce from the school garden.  Items harvested and tasted included kale, spinach, broccoli rabe, lettuce, dandelion greens, swiss chard and radishes.  Liesl Schultz-Hying from Eat Here Eat Well was there sharing the harvested greens and radishes with students during their lunch time.  Sampling was an option, but most all of the students (just under 300) tried a cup of greens and/or radishes with their lunch.


Some classrooms at LINCS have been very active with the school garden since the project started this spring.  One of those student groups includes Ms. Lippens’ and Ms. Sullivan’s 4th/5th grade classrooms.  This group of students helped to prepare the raised beds, planted many of the seeds and plants that were put in on Earth Day, and have been given the big responsibility of watering the garden.  Many of these students were interviewed and this is what they had to say:

 “What have you liked best about having the opportunity to help with the new school garden?”

Calvin B. said, “That you can plant something and then eat it!”

Alex M. said, “It shows that we can take responsibility for something.”

Connor S. said, “It has been fun watching the plants grow.”

Elijah G. said, “We can get dirty!”

Braulio B. and Raphael C. both said, “It’s new and different! (Something our school has never had before).”

Calvin B. indicated that the raw kale was his favorite.  The group watched Connor S. try kale for the first time, and he told us he is not a “vegetable lover”.  He said that he liked it though.  This group of kids indicated that all of the greens tasted good as a salad, but after inquiring about other ways that they could eat kale, they said that kale on a sandwich, in a protein shake, or as kale chips, would be good, too.


Many of the kindergarteners and 1st graders at LINCS have been actively helping with the school garden as well.  Gabe W. (above right/red shirt) and Isaac W. (above left/grey shirt) were two of those 1st grade big helpers who have taken great pride in helping with the garden.  When asked what their favorite part of helping was, Gabe said that he enjoyed planting the seeds and plants into the dirt.  Isaac said, “Weeding!”  He also indicated that some of the weeds have really long roots and they were fun to pull out.  Both Gabe and Issac have gardens that they help with at their homes.

The excitement from the kids and the eagerness to try the foods from the garden was contagious.  Many teachers and staff from the school came in to try the fresh greens and radishes, and many of them left with a bowl full to eat with their own lunches!

If there is one thing to take away from this project after talking with many of the LINCS students today, it is that kids LOVE to play in the dirt.  Look what we can learn from playing in the dirt!

Respectfully submitted by Traci Wilson, W3 Outreach Specialist

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