Eat Wisely

Move Naturally

Vision: To provide the community with the tools to make healthful eating choices.
Eating a well-balanced diet is another area of focus for the W3 coalition. It is tough to create change with this aspect of wellness because of one’s environment, habits, and individual taste. However, the incorporation of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, proteins, vitamins, and minerals into everyone’s diet is essential. W3 works to provide the greater Whitewater area with the tools to make better eating choices through the creation of educational materials, events, and programs.

Vision: To provide the community with the tools to make healthful activity choices.Moving naturally is exactly what W3 says it to be. We encourage the incorporation of movement throughout the day by taking the stairs, walking on lunch breaks, joining recreational sport leagues, and choosing farther parking spaces from your destination. Activity groups such as walking, cycling, swimming, weight lifting, group fitness, basketball, and other recreational activities not only increase one’s level of physical activity, but also enhance social connections and reduce stress. The effects of moving naturally on a day-to-day basis are astronomical!



Vision: To provide spiritual, organizational, and intellectual opportunities for positive information, insight, and involvement.The goal is to encourage all individuals to pause, reflect, examine, grow, and take proactive steps to enhance the human spirit.Outlook is defined as one’s mental attitude, mind-set, and perspective on certain situations. W3 provides opportunities for positive information, insight, and involvement in order to capture the goodness of the Whitewater community. We encourage everyone to pause, reflect, examine, and take proactive steps to intentionally enhance the human spirit whether through exercise, meditation, reading, or other activities for personal growth.

Vision: To encourage and support social connections among and between family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and community members as a whole.W3 values the importance of interconnectedness within the  community.Surrounding yourself with positive people is essential for healthy relationships. W3 strives to promote social networks, spiritual and religious participation, family as a priority, and information to encourage family and community support. Volunteering and family-friendly programs and events are great opportunities to meet new people, enjoy times with old, and get involved in your community.