Move Naturally


To promote moving towards a healthier life by providing the community with the tools to make healthful activity choices.

Move Naturally advocates for the promotion of integrating physical activity of all forms into your daily routine.  W3 offers exercise groups and community-based physical activity challenges year round.  For more information on these events, please visit our events calendar.

W3 encourages natural movement and unites individuals with similar interests into activity groups.  The sole purpose of these activity groups is to provide an exercise support system, with the hopes of inspiring an internal sense of community.  Please visit our events calendar (link) for a current listing of exercise class offerings.

We are in the process of creating activity groups in the interest areas of walking, cycling, swimming, weight lifting, and basketball.  Some of the services we hope to offer these groups include self-reporting calendars, weight loss goals and other exercise planning tools, local exercise routes, workout locations, workout program plans, information on available facilities and lessons, open gym schedules, and league opportunities.  Activity groups come in many forms and can originate between co-workers, friends, or within a particular neighborhood.  Please contact us if you are interested in forming a group of your own.

We value your opinion.  To assist with development and implementation of these or other activity groups, please contact us via email.  W3 appreciates any ideas for innovation and improvement.  If you can suggest other ways in which W3 can help incorporate daily physical activity, we want to hear from you!