To encourage, support, and sustain social connections across and among populations. W3 values the importance of interconnectedness between family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues within the same community.

Working for Whitewater’s Wellness (W3) would like to be a community source for creating interpersonal relationships. W3 helps foster bonds across all ages, abilities, beliefs, skills, and talents.  We encourage you to take advantage of our resources to become a contributing and participating member of your society and social circle.

Purpose and Belonging

W3 places a high importance on strong, positive social relationships. Having quality social relationships with others creates a social support system for a person. Positive social support systems are there for each other, support each other, and allow for the sharing of feelings. People that are involved in quality social relationships have the ability to encourage and be encouraged. Social relationships provide reciprocal positivity, friendship, and care.
Having high quality social relationships improves life overall. People with positive social relationships are less lonely and they have people to depend on if they need it. People with a support system have people to go to when they have a problem. Those with a support system are less likely to develop mental illnesses and are less likely to experience prolonged mental illness (Stansfeld, 2006). People with positive social relationships also report better physical health (Stansfeld, 2006). Friends and family support and encourage someone who is going through a rough time and that support leads to better outcomes for the individual. A support system provides an arena for people to talk about what is going on with them. It is important to develop quality social relationships because they lead to more positive health overall.
W3 offers many different activities that encourage building positive social relationships with others. For example, Wellfest, Make a Difference Day, yoga classes, runs, zumba, and volunteer activities allow for groups of community members to come together to make a difference in their lives in many ways. These activities hinge on the idea that community members are able to come together, learn from each other, spend time with each other, and develop positive relationships with each other.