Working for Whitewater's Wellness


W3 was formed in March of 2010 by a committed group of dedicated representatives from UW- Whitewater University Health and Counseling Services, aspiring to create a coalition that would strive for the health and wellness of the Whitewater community. They were joined by Representatives from UW-Whitewater, the City of Whitewater, Whitewater Unified School District, local community organizations, health organizations, community members, county public health departments, campus & local ministries, and student groups. Together, these groups set out on achieving their goal to create a healthier Whitewater, not by focusing on the individual, rather by focusing on healthy social systems and the environment in which we live.

In the years that followed, W3 made great strides to improving the overall wellness in the Whitewater community. Focusing on four dimensions of wellness: eating wisely, moving naturally, positive outlooks, and healthy relationships, W3 implemented programming that would enhance each dimension in a multitude of ways. Some of the most successful programs that W3 has brought to the community have been the FitKid Shuffle, Community Challenge Week, W3llfest, Yoga and Mindfulness classes, worksite wellness programs, and the installation and maintenance of community gardens.  There have also been many smaller programs that have taken place. If you would like to read W3’s full, extended history, click the link below.