FitKids in Whitewater!

Help W3 make the FitKid Shuffle (part of the Discover Whitewater Series on 9.20.2015) a free event! Our goal is to raise $3,000 so 200 kids can participate! W3 is asking for sponsorships. A $15 donation provides a child with registration, a t-shirt and a great goodie bag! Please call (262) 472-1860 if you would like to donate or if you have ideas to help us with our fundraising efforts.

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Want to be a healthier, happier you? W3 wants that too!

W3 seeks to increase longevity and quality of life utilizing the Blue Zones Principles by facilitating programs and partnerships to affect sustainable improvements for everyone in our community. Feel free to take a look through our site and contact us for more information on ways you can get involved to improve the health of the Whitewater community.

Banish the Trans Fats

The FDA has plans to remove trans fats from food products... completely by 2018. That is several years away, but is definitely a step in the right direction. In the mean time, try to avoid consuming foods with trans fats (fried/fast/processed). Instead, focus on filling your plate with veggies, fruits, lean meats and whole grains.

Free Yoga Classes

Take advantage of free community Yoga classes during the week! These classes are open to the public and are designed for all ability levels. Start your day off right with a Sunrise Yoga class or have a mid-day break with yoga during your lunch hour. Class times and location information is on our calendar.

Be Social This Summer

Make sure to keep your social network in good shape! Challenge yourself to meet someone new or re-connect with a long-lost friend.

Discover Whitewater Series

Save the date for the 2015 Discover Whitewater Series! 9.20.2015