Green Goodness


W3, inspired by the Blue Zones Principles, envisions Whitewater to be a community where people live longer, happier, healthier lives. W3 facilitates programs and partnerships to affect sustainable improvements for everyone in our community. Feel free to take a look through our site and contact us for more information on ways you can get involved to improve the health of the Whitewater community.

Current Initiatives
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Whitewater Heroes of Nature

This initiative focuses on education and events that promote positive self-care through physical activity, adventures in nature and care of our environment. 


FitKid Shuffle

A part of the Discover Whitewater Series, this fun and free event will encourage the entire family to keep moving.


Whitewater Gardens

We work with the Lincoln Growing & Learning Garden, UW-W campus garden and other initiatives to encourage people of all ages to get their hands dirty in a garden.


Impact Teen Trinity

NEW for 2021! Connecting communities to improve mental well-being. More details coming soon.

Trinity Paige Nickels
March 31, 2004 - August 17, 2021

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