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Why Stretch?                

Stretching benefits every age group. Stretching can be beneficial to athletes, as it serves as a way to prevent injury and reduce soreness. Stretching is also beneficial for those that aren’t athletes. Stretching increases flexibility, improves posture, and even allows blood to flow better throughout the body, meaning nutrients in the blood are getting spread all throughout the body.


Stretching not only affects the body but the mind, as well. By stretching and allowing more blood flow throughout your body, your mind can enter a calm mindset. Tense muscles aren’t fun to have. By stretching, tenseness in a person’s muscles can be reduced to help a person relieve some of their stress. Lastly, allowing nutrients to flow through the body can provide more energy for a person. No need for energy drinks when all you need is a good stretch. 


Contrary to common belief, stretching is not a warm-up activity. When a person stretches their cold muscles, it can result in injury. Stretching should be thought of as a workout in and of itself. Before stretching, consider taking a quick walk or jog to get your muscles ready.

Stretches to consider:

Stretches to increase blood flow:

45 second sets

15 second rests

  • Child’s pose

  • Cat back stretch

  • Downward dog

  • Upward dog

  • Scorpion stretch

  • Alternative leg swings

Stretches to increase flexibility:  

Don’ts of Stretching

  • Don’t stretch right when you get up! Your spine swells in your sleep 

  • Don’t contract a muscles right after stretching it

  • Don’t hold your breath while stretching

Have fun Stretching!

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